Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Foster , Kids Next Door and Internship


Sorry I haven't been updating as much as I should have, but my internship is really keeping me busy. Right now I am at Bardel Entertainment working in the BG painting department. There so much stuff to do but I am having fun at the same time.

So far I have one thing to post up for now, I will try to get more things together :)
My friends and I decided to do a complete sketch or paint each week. This one was an art dedicated to our fave show Foster Home For Imaginary Friends. I am not so sure what is next week...but I will see if I have time to upload it .
The other week they let me chose and of course I went with Codename: Kids Next Door. Its a bit messy but it have my favorite character, Rachel . The story behind this piece was that she sacrifice herself in a battle and realize it was all worth it.

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