Thursday, August 17, 2006

......don't know what to say

Umm...nothing much today but I found another painting I did. Ok I know its a bit anime but come on, I like it still. Its really old but like my chicken sketch, there memories that are attachted to it.

I did sold one print of it in my trip to an anime converntion called Anime North. I am glad somebody still likes it ^_^

Ok here is something that is not an anime....its an an animal. It was a sketch from my trip to the zoo. There are more....just need to get them up but I really like this one, so its the first to go up ^o^.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another concept art

Hey guys, here is another one. Its part of the same story , the fable of the "Fox and the Grapes". It a scene where the fox is looking at the grapes. ^_^ I love this scene because when I was smaller I have same type of vineyard in my old school. Too bad the grapes were sour >.<

Also I found an old sketch which I love...even if there are still problems with it , I just love the memory that comes with it. Its was a funny chicken I say at the royal winter fair a two years ago...before the whole chicken flu.
I remeber pointing to the chicken to my friends and saying "Look guys a chicken with a skirt" ^o^ the feathers where soo fluffy that it covers its legs 0_0

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hey, concept art

Its from my old assisment, it supposed to be a background or BG layer . The BG layer is place underneath another layer a character layer. Its from the story the Fox and the grapes and in this shot is where two crows are commenting on the fox trying to eat the grapes.


Hey guys, just testing a new layout :)