Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ottawa , Kids Next Door and Group film concepts

Hey guys,

Its been a few days since I got back from Ottawa, I would have posted sooner but I had to quickly do some assignments when I got back. Its was cool though, I had a lot of fun going there ^_^ and I met some amazing people there. I was so excited that the creator of the t.v. Series Codename: Kids Next Door, Mr. Warburton ,was there.

I wasn't sure if I was going to meet him, ^^" I thought he was busy there talking to other people in the industry. He properly was, but he was kind enough to talk to me and even sketch my favourite character from the show, Numbuh 362 a.k.a Rachael ^_^. I hope I get to meet him in the next animation festival. I wonder if he will have a new series, the next time we will meet.

By the way I found another interesting blog, its the Kids Next Door official blog. When I look through it, I found so much amazing art works, wether its concept art or character design...I am wondering if I can ask Mr. Warburton if he can publish a small art book of some kind ^_^ I love the layouts and some of the storyboarding. So, check Codename: Kids Next Door Blog

Also I got some concept art paintings done, they are for my group final film project. ^o^ I am so excited about it and I really hope we can created a finished and polished film by the end of the school year.

This one is for a story called "The Starfish", its about a starfish who wants to be a star and got his wish answered when he got washed up unto the shore. There a genius monkey found him and place him in a homemade rocket that launch him into outer space.

My group is not doing that story, but we are doing the other one (the picture below)

"The King and the Sun", it talks about a greedy king who wants to own the sun, thus making everybody build him a huge tower to reach the it. In the end,he finally reached the sun, but was blinded by its powerful radiance.

The ending is kinda open-ended, we are still in developement on the story and we are still doing concept art ^_^ . Very soon we will have a pitch package ready but for now we are making more drawing.

Well, I will see you guys next time.