Wednesday, December 20, 2006

new layout

Yeah I know its Goo, thats why I chose her ^_^ ( and no, I don't own her) . This is part of a new animation project I am wondering on for my demo reel. I changed her design so its easier for me to animate. I did design the layout, and I know it looks like the shows design because I based it on Mary Blair works ^_^ her stuff is amazing !!

I found an illustration children book in the library and I wonder if its by Mary Blair, and I guessed it right.

Also, I got a lot of question "why is Goo skipping in the desert ?" well this project was part of a storyboard . You see Goo was in the desert and she found this rope, being the curious and fun person she is, she thinks it would be a good idea it use it as a skip rope. Unfortunately it turns out the rope was a snake.

Too bad I didn't draw in the snake part, maybe I will when I get back to school.