Wednesday, September 20, 2006

the start of a new year

Hi hi,

Yeah its been a while since I updated, sorry about that :( . But now I got some sketches to put up to make it up to you.

Unfortunately some of my stuff is pretty old but I like it and I will be updating with some new stuff later, once my group start working on there film. :)

This one is from a layout class, it was one of the few options we where given to do almost anything we want. I am glad it turn out least to me. But I love drawing birds...I don't know why and also can you guess where the couple are ?

If you guess the Cystal Palace in England , you are right :)

I love the history and the arcutiture of the building and it so beautifull, espeaically at night under a full moon. I will upload my painted version later on , so you can get the idea how the building will look at night.

Its one of earilest painting but I love it anyway :) . Its done in gouche , with a water clour approch. It was fun to paint it, espeically when I was free to make up the scenery instead of coyping it from a book, but I did reseach about clouds before I can even start paintin.

Well thats for now, I will upload more stuff later :) but for now I need to sleep -_-

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